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Visiting a VISIT

Tom Wilson takes us on a VISIT, or Practice-Based Inquiry in action.

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Schedule for A PBI Visit


The team sees the school from the perspective of its students.
The team concentrates on understanding how well students are learning.
7:00 Team Meeting: Arrival and orientation
8:00 Collecting Evidence: Following a student
2:20 Team Meeting: End of school day
2:45 Discussions with teachers about their analysis of student work
3:45 Team Meeting: Members recount student following
5:00 Working Session on State Assessments
5:45 Logistics
6:00 Adjourn


The team focuses on teaching for learning.
The team hones its questions for further inquiry.
The team begins writing its working conclusions.
7:00 Team Meeting
8:00 Collecting Evidence: Observing teaching for learning and talking with teachers
11:30 Team Meeting
12:30 Continue collecting evidence on teaching for learning
2:45 Meeting with the School Improvement Team
3:45 Team Meeting
6:00 Adjourn


The team focuses on school support for learning and teaching.
The team collects evidence and continues to build its working conclusions.
7:00 Team Meeting
8:05 Collecting Evidence
11:30 Team Meeting
12:30 Continue Collecting Evidence on School Support for Teaching and Learning
2:45 Team meeting: The Team debriefs the day
Writing conclusions
The team finishes building its initial conclusions for student learning, identifies thematic findings and begins building its conclusions for teaching for learning.
5:30 Adjourn to Dinner
6:30 Team meeting
9:00 Adjourn


The team checks the evidence it already has collected and collects its final evidence.
The team writes the report.
7:00 Orientation
8:00 Collecting Evidence: Specific inquiry
12:00.Team Meeting
(Note: End of classroom observations.)
After reviewing their notes and the remaining questions they have about the school, team members explain and discuss the new evidence they have collected today.
The team completes the Portrait Exercise and returns to building its conclusions.
6:00 Adjourn


The team finishes building and testing its conclusions using document: Tests of Conclusions.
The team completes the final report and agrees that the report has met all of its required tests using document: Tests of the Report.
7:00 Team Meeting
The team finishes writing its conclusions.
The team reviews all of its conclusions, commendations and recommendations.
The team finalizes the Portrait of the School and writes the Final Advice section.
The full draft of the report is printed, and each member reviews and edits a hard copy.
The chair goes through the report with the team, paragraph by paragraph, and makes all of the agreed upon changes, based on the team's review of the hard copy.
The team reaches consensus agreement that the report is in its final, pre-release form.
Final Logistics
The chair invites team members to attend the meeting, when he reads the report to the school.
The team destroys all of its drafts of the report, as well as all notes team members have taken during the visit.
The team debriefs and disbands.
6:00 Adjourn
The team adjourns usually between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.