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An Introduction to Practice-Based Inquiry®

Catalpa PBI video intro

Tom Wilson, chief architect of Practice-Based Inquiry®, introduces how the methodology of PBI works and why it has so much potential. Watch »

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Foundations of PBI

Tom Wilson explains the unusual origins and foundations of Practice-Based Inquiry and why they make it such an important school research methodology. Watch »


Visiting a VISIT

Tom Wilson gives a detailed picture of Practice-Based Inquiry® by describing what happens on an actual Visit by a PBI team. Watch »

Converse and Discuss »

More About PBI

  • How does Practice-Based Inquiry® learn what works and what doesn't work in an organization?
  • What is the history of PBI?
  • What are the results and benefits of using PBI?

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"An idea is better than no idea. …That's the way science works. An idea can be tested, whereas if you have no idea, nothing can be tested and you don't understand anything."

---- James D. Watson , Biologist