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Engage Catalpa Consulting Services

Practice-Based Inquiry sets new limits and provides new opportunities for follow-through and action. Catalpa works to help its clients understand both the opportunities and implementation of Practice-Based Inquiry..

Services to introduce you to PBI include:

  • Conducting school visits
  • Presentations and workshops

Consulting services to help you design and use Practice-Based Inquiry effectively.

  • Design and Conduct of Feasibility Studies
  • Design of New Practice-Based Inquiry Protocols
  • Design and Conduct of Studies on Existing Protocol Rigor and Utility.
  • Review and recommendations on How to Strengthen Existing Visiting Protocols
  • Design and Establishment of Accountability and School Support Systems Using Practice-Based Inquiry Principles.
  • Provide ongoing services to strengthen and ensure the legitimacy of reports generated by a PBI protocol. These include protocol certification, report endorsement and center accreditation and licensing.

Contact Tom Wilson to learn how Catalpa can help you.

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