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Introduction To PBI

These resources are selected to be good introductions to Practice-Based Inquiry. All of them are available as downloads.

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Answers to Basic Questions about Practice-Based Inquiry®
Catalpa Ltd, October 2009.

Using the FAQ format, Answers provides the reader with a thorough introduction to PBI, based on the text of the website. View, Download »

Handbook for Practice-Based Inquiry®: The Abbreviated, Illustrated Version. Leslie Oh. Catalpa Ltd., 2009.

A big relief from all the words! Leslie Oh's imaginative drawings highlight many of the central ideas of Practice-Based Inquiry. View, Download »

The Results Are In: Examples of Conclusions from Practice-Based Inquiry® Catalpa Ltd. 2009

Examples from actual PBI school reports of conclusions, and Portraits (the team's summary of a school). View, Download »

A Video Introduction to Practice-Based Inquiry®

Catalpa Ltd. was founded "to bring practitioner practice into focus." This collection of videos by Tom Wilson, filmed in 2008, introduces Catalpa and Practice-Based Inquiry. Learn what Tom sees as the most important features of PBI and why he has devoted 17 years of his professional life to its study, development and advocacy.
Click here to watch videos»

Team Training PowerPoint

This presentation is used to introduce team members to PBI.
Click here to view » (PowerPoint viewer required)

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