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Notes from the Coach.
My coaching notes for SALT visit chairs cover 12 years of SALT visits. Notes include observation of most visits, responses to conclusions in the work during the visit week, critique of completed reports, and one-on-one discussions with chairs, team members, principals, state department staff, etc. These notes are confidential. I intend to publish a collection of anonymous excerpts. Inquire »

Final and working reports.
Catalpa has a complete set of SALT reports through 2008. This includes the final published document and two or three working drafts of most reports from different days of the visit. All but the final reports are confidential. The full set provides an important data set for analyzing how a team builds its conclusions during the visit week. Inquire »

Catalpa Technical Memos in response to official challenges to the SALT visit reports.
Over a period of 12 years, fourteen of 350 Rhode Island schools challenged some aspect of the legitimacy of their SALT visit report. Catalpa carefully investigated what happened in these cases, and thoroughly reviewed the team's report against the SALT protocol to determine the validity of the challenges. These detailed memos offer fascinating detail on how the visit does and doesn't work. While these memos are confidential, sections that are informative about the visit will be prepared to maintain the anonymity of the school and team members. Inquire »

The History of SALT in e-mail and documents.
Catalpa holds a comprehensive set of more than 10,000 pages that covers the development and implementation of the SALT visit over 14 years. Inquire »


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Catalpa Case Studies

Nothing highlights the accomplishments of the PBI methodology better that real-world results. Click here to read more »


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