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Handbooks and Guides

Assuring Legitimacy of Findings

Assuring the Legitimacy of Practice-Based Inquiry® Visits:
The Preparation, Review and Certification of a Practice-
Based Inquiry Visit Protocol.
Catalpa Ltd. February 2007.

This handbook provides the protocol designer with the procedures, outline and standards that the protocol must meet to receive accreditation by Catalpa Ltd. as a PBI Visit protocol. View »

Assuring the Legitimacy of Practice-Based Inquiry® Visits: Certification of Visit Team Chairs and Visit Team Members. Catalpa Ltd. January 2008.

This handbook describes the Catalpa program for certifying team members and team chairs. It describes the skills and qualifications required for different levels of PBI chairs and the steps in the Catalpa certification process. View »

Assuring the Legitimacy of Practice-Based Inquiry® Visits: Endorsing PBI Visit Team Reports. Catalpa Ltd. November 2009.

Steps and standards for deciding if a report is a legitimate PBI report. Request »

Assuring the Legitimacy of Practice-Based Inquiry® Visits: Accrediting and Licensing PBI Centers. Catalpa Ltd. October 2009.

Licensing a new center is a complex process that is tailored to meet both the requirements of PBI and the local agency. This guide provides both requirements and some guidance for agency staff. Request »

Specific Protocol Handbooks

Handbook for Chairs of the SALT School Visit, 2nd Edition Revised.Catalpa Ltd. September 2006.

This third major revision of the Handbook in ten years provides the SALT visit chairs with an organized approach and up-to-date guide to the complexities of their work, which is governed by the SALT Visit protocol, accredited by Catalpa and approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. Request »

Practice-Based Inquiry® Guides

For the Chair

How to Lead a Practice-Based Inquiry® School Visit.
Catalpa Ltd. 2009.

This PBI Guide provides the chair with a full set of documents that will support both training exercises and the chair's actual conduct of the visit. In addition, the Chair will need step-by-step documents that relate to the specific protocol the team will use. Request »

How to Lead a Visit Team in Using Well the PBI Basic Elements. Catalpa Ltd. October 2009.

Guidance for chairs on how to support the team in their use of the key elements of PBI:  dynamic evidence, professional judgment and deliberated team-consensus. Request »

How to Build Legitimate Practice-Based Inquiry Conclusions: What you see and what you write… Catalpa Ltd. October 2009.

This guide briefly describes the central role of conclusions in the visit process. It includes the definitions and tests of visit conclusions, as well as guidance on leading a team in writing conclusions. Request »

Step-by-Step Documents for Conducting the PBI Visit. Catalpa Ltd. 2009.

There are more than 100 protocol and guidance documents for chairs, team members and school people for the conduct of a successful and rigorous visit. Download list of PDF titles »  

For the Team

In the Team Room: Guide for PBI Team Members. Catalpa Ltd. May 2009.

Provides a number of key guides for team members to use during a visit  Includes the relationship of the team with school, questions to ask and tests for conclusions. Request »

Guide for Following a Student. Catalpa Ltd. May 2009.

Explains expectations and guidance for team members to use in following a student as part of the inquiry. Suggests good leading questions to begin conversations. View »

Guide for Examining Student Work. Catalpa Ltd. 2009.

Provides team members with the steps for examining student work and questions teams often ask about student work during a visit. Request »

For the School

Guide for Using the School Visit Report. Rhode Island Department of Education. April 2005.

RIDE prepared this guide for schools based on the implications and results of how schools accepted and used their reports. View »