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Protocol Design and Project Implementation

Urban Schools: Network for College Success and Chicago Schools Alliance

Catalpa designed and conducted nine visits for the Network for College Success and the Chicago Schools Alliance. The schools visited were all part of the Chicago Public School district. Some were newly created schools and some were long standing schools looking to improve. The purpose of the team report was to provide a critical view of practice at the school so that the school could improve its functioning. While the visit protocol was adapted to meet specific school objectives, they are all excellent examples of Practice-Based Inquiry at work. The majority of visit team members were faculty and leaders at other network-member schools. Each school visited holds the copyright to its visit report.

The response of Network members and the visited schools to this process is thoughtful and extremely positive. The straightforward, direct reports, which analyze how well each school is doing in promoting learning and good teaching, have provided important and useful information for each visited school. See Sidebar and Resource Documents.

The Network for College Success has recently won federal funding as a lead partner for two Chicago schools implementing School Improvement - Transformation grants and will be using Practice-Based Inquiry school visits as one major tool.

Catalpa is working with the NCS to build its capacity so it can conduct certified visits in Chicago under license to Catalpa.

Resources: Documents

Chicago Schools Alliance. School Visits: A Tool for Improvement. January 2006. Download

PBI School Visit Team Member Reflections--2005. Chicago Schools Alliance. May 2005. Download


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