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Tom Wilson Proven Results

"Most powerful" Professional Development

A rigorous survey of how team members perceived the value of the SALT visit was conducted in May 2004. At that time 1,468 people had served on SALT visit teams. Of these, 994 were practicing Rhode Island public school teachers. The response rate to the survey by [people who had served as SALT visit] team members is 43.1%. 

Two major conclusions were:  

  • Respondents highly rate the experience of participating on a SALT visit team. Ninety-two percent rate the visit experience as either "excellent" or "very good." Ninety-five percent say they would "certainly" recommend the visit to their peers.
  • A large majority of teachers and local school administrators thinks the SALT visit is an unusually powerful professional development experience. 80.9% of the Teachers and 74.0% of the Local School Administrators pronounced the SALT visit as "the most powerful professional development experience I have ever had."  

Click here to read the full report of the survey, The Value of Rhode Island's SALT School Visit: A Study of The Perceptions of SALT Visit Team Members.  

Chicago teams members concurred that the visit provides teachers and school administrators with a remarkable professional development experience.

Click here to read PBI School Visit Team Members Reflections.

"Although I am involved with many teams and lots of professional development, sometimes I feel fragmented. I want to find a way to make it fit together and function more like a puzzle rather than like a box full of items. This I want not only for myself, but for my school… I very much enjoyed being a part of this process of helping schools to promote student learning… So often we remain myopic in our own scope of the "world" we inhabit; what a wonderful way to reflect upon ourselves and our own school, to broaden our thinking; to reshape and challenge our practices and to celebrate our profession. I am very proud that we have this never ending pathway to excellence called the SALT visit!"

-- Rhode Island public school teacher, 2006


The week-long experience itself was unlike any professional development in which I have participated.

The length, the focus, the intensity and the professional collaboration are what make it so unique and authentic. The PBI [practice-based inquiry] process is grounded in application.

Right there in the moment, you have the practice of thinking deeply about what you have seen, read or heard and making decisions and professional judgments about it. That is where the real learning takes place.

Not to mention that the report itself is a resolution, a living document that speaks to the week's experience and which will hopefully be valued by the host school as a means by which to improve its practice. I felt good about the report we left for the school. 

-- Chicago Alliance Visit Team Member, 2005