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Tom Wilson

All About Practice-Based Inquiry® 

Why is Practice-Based Inquiry valuable?

It provides new tools to greatly strengthen the effectiveness and usefulness of school accountability systems.

It directly assesses the quality of the performance of complex, particular, actual practice of practicing professionals.

It provides the framework for carefully building inquiry protocols and procedures that ensure that the resulting findings are valid and legitimate.

It brings professional judgment out of the closet and transforms it into a tool for objective inquiry.

It is a rigorous reformulation of century-old procedures for conducting professional peer inquiry by teams.

It directly assesses how well a particular practice leads to the desired results.

It opens up the "black-box" between inputs and outputs that is so often a major component of variable research designs.

It provides a better understanding of the action that will improve the professional practice.

It provides a new foundation for strengthening critical systems of professional development, leadership, institution improvement and public accountability

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