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Public Speaking and Workshops

Good presentations, materials, power-points and discussion points are important tools for Catalpa work. Catalpa has built a large library of tested materials to support a number of purposes for a variety of audiences, including teachers, agency staff considering PBI, teachers, parents, and the general public.

In addition, Catalpa has designed agendas, materials and power-points for training schools, teams, chairs in the conduct of a PBI visit, the preparation of a report, the best way for a visited schools to take action based on its report.

Examples of these:

The Greenwich Inspectorate: Some Reflections. Feedback and Workshop for Greenwich Inspectorate at conclusion of observation period. 1992.

The Richmond Inspectorate: Some Reflections. Feedback at conclusion of observation period to members of the Richmond LEA Inspectorates. 1993.

School Inspection: Its English Roots and Its American Applications. Seminar sponsored by the Pew Trusts. 1993.

Reaching for a Better Standard. Workshops and discussion groups based on implications of 1996 study of English school inspections for American educators. 1993-7.

Judging Schools. Workshop for Fall Forum, Coalition of Essential Schools. 1994.

School Accountability: The Tradition of English School Inspection Reconsidered. Rhode Island Department of Education. 1995.

"Reaching for a Better Standard" Study Group. Illinois State Board of Education. 1996.

The Methodology of the School Visit: or a Cry from the Fire in the Belly of a de-institutionalized researcher/educator. Challenges PBI raises for anthropologists. University of Pennsylvania, 1997.

The School Visit: Reaching for Better Data for Improving Schools. Presentation to conference hosted by the Panasonic Foundation. 1997.

Learning from What We Do Today To Do Better Tommorrow. Several workshop sessions for parents, teachers, principals and staff. Annenberg Project of the Coalition to Improve Education in South Shore (Chicago). 1998.

The Design Problem. NCATE project for developing standards and evaluation of professional-development schools. 1998.

Tensions in the Tradition of English Inspection: Judging School Value. Department of Education, Brown University. 1998.

The Accreditation Visit Chair: Guardian of the Methodology. Workshop based on Catalpa study, Visiting Accreditation, for the chairs of visits for the Commission of Public Secondary School, New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 1999.

Methodology and Improving School Practice: Implications of "Visiting Accreditation for the Education Research Community." Panel discussion presented at AERA. 2000.

Who Counts What: The Method Rules. Accountability Seminar sponsored by the LAB at Brown. 2000.

Pushing Breaking Ranks: Accountability in a New Key. Panel presentation for National Association of Secondary School Principals. 2000.

How Practitioner Accountability Helps School Leaders Balance Vision with Fad. Panel Presentation to ASCD Annual Conference. 2001.

Working Seminar on Practice Based Accountability. Department of Education, Brown University. 2001.

Visiting Practice Based Accountability. Panel and Forum jointly sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Education Department, Brown University. 2001

Practice-Based Accountability and Professional Judgment of Teachers. Rhode Island ASCD, 2001.

Legitimizing Practitioner Knowledge: Key to Effective Accountability and School Improvement. Presentation to International Conference for School Effectiveness and Improvement. 2001.

How School's Perspective Should Influence a SALT Visit Report. Power-point for training SALT visit chairs. 2002.

The Theory of Change Behind the SALT School Visit. Presentation to International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. Copenhagen. 2002.

SALT Crosses the Pond: Practice-based Accountability and Democratic Learning. Presentation to International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. Copenhagen. 2002.

Practice-Based Inquiry: Workshop for grantees of the Chicago Public Education Fund. 2003.

"Know What You See. Not See What You Know." Presentation for professional development of SALT chairs. 2003.

What Is Good Knowledge System for Practice and Accountability? Presentation and seminar for Center for Education Leadership and School Improvement. London. 2004.

How Do We Know What We Say We Know, and Other Issues. Presentation for discussion between staff at the Rhode Island Department of Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 2004.

Peer Review and Practice. Presentation for the General Teaching Council for England: Taskforce for Future Accountability Framework. 2004.

Study of AUSL Chicago Teacher Cohort Project. Briefing for AUSL staff. 2005.

The Work of the PBI Visit Team to the National Board Certification Preparation Projects in Chicago. PBI. Training presentation for team members. 2005.

Rhode Island SALT. Presentation to members of the California Board of Education on the advantages of "school inspections system" for the state of California. University of California, Davis, 2007.

Practice-Based Inquiry: A Tool to Bring Professional Practice into Focus. Presentation to conference on high school reform. Princeton University. 2009.

Work of SALT Visit Team. Power-point for SALT team training. 2009.

Advanced Issues for Experienced SALT Visit Chairs. Seminar and workshop sessions. 2009.

Practice-Based Inquiry: A Framework for Protocol Design. Presentation for senior staff of AdvancED. 2010.



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